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Terms and operation of the site

1. Description of services.
  • a) Our aim is to make easier hotel reservations online, bringing into direct contact Users and Tourist Structures.
  • b) So you can book through our system his business trip or vacation receiving immediate confirmation, as the information management and prices of each structure included on our portal is entrusted exclusively to his legal representative, as well as made explicit and expected to point 4.a.
  • c) You will pay the cost of your stay directly in the Hotel Structure on your arrival.
  • d) Our services are based solely on information provided by the accommodation facilities. For this reason, Welcome-initaly.it can't take any responsibility for errors, interruptions or non-delivery of information.
  • e) The information published on our site are entered directly from the affiliate. Every structure will have a control panel where, besides deciding the modes of sales: "BOOKING online or on request", will enter all the data related to its structure, pricing, seasonal nature, type of housing, photos, etc..., put tourism packages and last minute. It will also have a tablou where to search for availability and reserve rooms or apartments, and block the lodgings that intends reserve.

2. Privacy

Under no circumstances, your personal data will be transmitted to third parties. For more information please refer to our terms of safety / privacy policy

3. Credit Card

Since the reservation is made directly to the facility concerned, at the time of booking the system requires, the data of the user's credit card. These data are required by the accommodation only as guarantee of the reservation in case of no-show (English for non-arrival), or as provided by cancellation politics. Therefore, these data will be transmitted automatically by the system to the facility concerned, as soon as the user confirms his reservation. The credit card data will be treated in a strictly confidential way by Welcome-initaly.it that will never make any charges on any credit card.

4. Booking service and management costs

The affiliation of structures with Welcome-initaly.it doesn't require any entrance fee and tourist facilities, in the person of its legal representative, have been informed that:

  • a) The information included in the system allows the reservation and the following use of the room by the customer without further confirmation by the tourist facility.
  • b) Welcome-initaly.it will perceive 10% (VAT included) calculated on the total amount of successful reservation, managed through the online reservation system and procured directly or indirectly by the marketing developed by Welcome-initaly . com (portal, call center and booking point).
  • c) The payment to confirm the reservation is equal to 10% of stay booked calculated on the price inserted by the structure and it is confirmative deposit.
  • d) The payment of this amount is to be considered immediate and tacit acceptance of the contract terms imposed by the tourist structure, as well as booking receipt for the user.
  • e) The user'll be asked to pay immediately and this amount will be kept by Welcome-initaly.it as compensation for use of the information system by way of reimbursement for costs borne by Welcome-initaly.it for administrative and banking management of reservation

5. Cancelling a reservation

You may cancel your reservation referring to the instructions contained in the confirmation e-mail of the tourist structure. In case you want to cancel the reservation of a stay please remember that:

  • a) If you cancel the reservation, the consideration referred to in paragraph 4.b) will be kept by Welcome-initaly.it for expenses incurred in the management of the reservation, regardless of the terms of cancellation politics dictated by the hotelier.
  • b) If you cancel your reservation according to the terms of cancellation, tourist structure will charge no amount to you.
  • c) If you cancel your reservation as to terms of the cancellation politics or in case of no-show (English for non-arrival), the hotel will charge the amount shown that, for the cancellation politics, in most of cases, is equivalent to the price of the first night of the stay.

6.Disclaimer clause

The website Welcome-initaly.it has been drafted with the greatest possible accuracy. Our services are based on information provided by the tourist facilities, which are the only responsible as to fairness and veracity of the same. The hotels at any time can make changes to the availability and rates, therefore Welcome-initaly.it can't guarantee that all information is accurate and free from mistakes, nor be considered responsible for any inaccuracy contained in the information received. Before any action you may start, we suggest you should verify the accuracy of information received and contact assistance to the reservation.


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